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Monday, January 3, 2011

Quick Defrag malware. Removal guidelines

Quick Defrag is also in some cases referred to as QuickDefrag. This is a malware that should be removed immediately upon its detection. It is a typical rogue that claims to be some decent system optimizer, whereas the reality shows that it is not capable at all of providing some decent PC functionality improvement. It is only good for stealing money out of your pocket.

Just as many other rogues from this family, it shows various fake reports about PC problems and other system vulnerabilities. It presents various popups and ads telling that something should be immediately fixed. However, the PC problems it detects do not exist in reality. This is simply to steal money out of your pocket. Thus, make sure and remove this malware from your system before it perverts your PC.

Delete Quick Defrag files:

Delete Quick Defrag registry entries:

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