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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Protect Shield rogue program. How to remove

Protect Shield is a virus that needs to be removed from your computer. If you do not do so your security might be under considerable threat and your important system settings might be greatly perverted. Remember that rogue means the program that claims to perform some useful tasks on your PC, whereas the reality is that it cannot do any good thing to your machine. It only aims to steam your money and that's it. Thus, keep you of Protect Shield virus.

The behavior of Protect Shield virus includes showing various popups and ads telling that your PC is under terrible threat after referring you to some pretended (fake) scanning results. Do not trust them. Cause its next step would be to convince you to get its so called full version as the remedy for elimination of detected threats... It would be good if Protect Shield could remove the infections. But, first of all, the infections it claims to have found are legitimate Windows files. And, secondly, if there are any real infections Protect Shield is not capable at all of removing them. Thus stay away from considering and purchasing it. Refer to some decent anti-virus solution or manually delete the files and registry entries of this virus.

Delete Protect Shield files:

Delete Protect Shield registry entries:

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