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Thursday, December 30, 2010

What is Easy Scan and why its removal is a must

Please look at the image above. Does it look familiar to your? Have you ever seen it on your PC? Whether you have or not, this is the important article for you to read. Its purpose is to tell you about Easy Scan. This is a rogue application that deserves to be removed immediately upon the very first visual or automatic detection.

Easy Scan takes its origin from malware that we have told you about before, that is Full Scan. Their external and internal features are all the same. The only aim of Easy Scan virus is to persuade you that your PC is running desparately slow, that it could run much faster. Then the offer comes to improve your PC performance, by downloading the full version of Easy Scan. Needless to mention, this so-called full version of Easy Scan virus is to be paid for... However, this is a typical waste of money, we regret to inform you. It will not do any good thing to you. Thus, please stay away from purchasing it or even considering purchasing it. Make sure to remove this junkware immediately. There are 2 ways how to do it. The first one is automatic removal by means of some decent anti-virus solution. The second approach is manual removal of this malware by following the guidelines provided below. Whatever way you choose, make sure to choose one of them if you do not want your PC to turn up in a total mess. Good luck to you in New Year in the severe battle with viruses!

Delete Easy Scan files:

Delete Easy Scan registry entries:

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