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Friday, January 14, 2011

What is Disk Optimizer?

Disk Optimizer is not capable at all of improving your disk performance. This is a virus requiring immediate removal. It pretents to identify some system problems with your PC, reports several disk issues and errors and imitates certain system scan. At the same time, all notices and processes launched by it are just fake and far away from the truth.

Bear in mind that Disk Optimizer does all the above-mentioned operations in order to lead you to the next step - to offer you to buy its full version in order to eliminate the detected problems. This is its only final goal. However, at this time you should be smart enough to understand that it should be entirely disregarded and removed by all means immediately, upon the very first detection. Thus, please read the removal guidelines stipulated below on removal of Disk Optimizer virus from your computer. These instructions have the advises for both manual and automatic removal.

Delete Disk Optimizer files:

Delete Disk Optimizer registry entries:

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