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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Windows System Optimizator - new virus in the Web

Windows System Optimizator is a malware, rogue, fake anti-virus tool that bears the mask of some decent program. However, it has been identified that it is just another badware that right now is very severe in attacking so many PCs. We really regret if your computer is infected with it, however, there is a solution how to remove it.

Windows System Optimizator tries to fool you by showing fake scan of your system and presenting all sorts of popups and ads telling that something is wrong with your PC due to availability of plenty of viruses on it. In addition, it causes plenty of redirect problems. Well, no doubt you will be annoyed with seeing the sites you do not want. The only aim of Windows System Optimizator is to convince you that it is the only remedy for removal of viruses from your computer. Then the offer would come for you to buy this fake anti-virus tool. Do not believe into its faulty promises. Disregard anything it tells you. Remove it from your PC immediately, upon its very first detection. You may, by the way, do it either manually or automatically. We wish you and your PC to be free from all sorts of viruses this new year 2011.

Delete Windows System Optimizator files:

Delete Windows System Optimizator registry entries:

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