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Thursday, January 27, 2011

What is Windows Universal Tool? How to remove Windows Universal Tool

Windows Universal Tool represents a PC security threat that pretends to be a good program to convince users into purchasing the full version of this tool. Windows Universal Tool will penetrate into PCs by means of an associated Trojan that will force its entry on the compromized computer by exploiting software vulnerabilities. Then it will connect to a remote host to download and install Windows Universal Tool without users approval. Having Windows Universal Tool virus on the system will cause a lot of operation abnormalities. Internet browser redirects to unwanted web pages and causes even more threats. Applications will be blocked from running and installed antivirus application will be disabled. In addition, the most common symptoms is a frequent and excessive pop-up alerts coming from Windows Universal Tool stating that PC is infected with different types of threats.

These activities have the main purpose - to trick users in obtaining the full version of Windows Universal Tool. Never be tricked like that, instead delete Windows Universal Tool virus as soon as its occurence is visible to prevent further damage it may bring to an infected computer. Use only some decent security program to completely remove Windows Universal Tool and all of its hidden components. You may do it both manually and automatically.

Delete Windows Universal Tool files:

Delete Windows Universal Tool registry entries:

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