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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Windows Risk Eliminator - fake antivirus. How to remove Windows Risk Eliminator

Windows Risk Eliminator is a new PC pest. A parazite that aims to get your money and gives nothing good in response. Judging by the peculiarities of its work on PC to which it penetrated it gets obvious that it is the next fake antivirus tool that pretends to be some good antivirus that is able of revealing and subsequent removing viruses/threats from PCs.

Beware! Windows Risk Eliminator should be removed immediately, either manually or automatically from your workstation, otherwise the outcome of its presence on your system might be really devastating. You will be annoyed by its popups and, even more, by inability to do the necessary things on your agenda via your PC. Do it immediately! Windows Risk Eliminator’s removal is a first thing to do when you identify its presence.

Delete Windows Risk Eliminator files:

Delete Windows Risk Eliminator registry entries:

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