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Saturday, February 26, 2011

AntiMalware GO scam. How to get rid of AntiMalware GO virus

AntiMalware GO is the next shameless forgery made by cyber crooks in order to seal money from users who do not realize they are being tricked so badly. It is our duty to warn you about it and to prevent you from purchasing this rogue. The best decision for you would be to remove AntiMalware GO immediately, without postponing this for a later date. Bear in mind that AntiMalware GO is a direct successor and clone of AntiVira Av - another cyber pest that originated the real turmoil among many PC users worldwide whose systems got infected with this virus.

AntiMalware GO penetrates to PCs via hazardous trojans and gaps in system security and other available security leaks. This penetration normally takes place in such a hidden way that the user does not even realize that soon he/she would face this virus in front of the desktop. Thus, AntiMalware GO gets inside of PC without user’s consent or approval. Quite typical for a rogue, isn’t it? Upon successful infiltration AntiMalware GO virus commences the series of annoying activities. For example, you would constantly see the main window and popup windows of AntiMalware GO virus in front of you. By all means, this is very irritating indeed. Moreover, you will not be able to use your Internet browser as you normally do. AntiMalware GO malware would also prevent you from downloading or running the desired programs lest you find some solution to remove AntiMalware GO fake anti-virus. AntiMalware GO imitates some system scanning ending up with a fabricated report about availability of thousands of “horrible” infections. However, they are all fake, as well as its promise to remove such infections upon you purchasing the rogue called AntiMalware GO. Do not trust these deceptive promises made by AntiMalware GO scareware and remove AntiMalware GO as soon as you can from your system. And, of course, do not ever buy AntiMalware GO, no matter how convincing it might seem to be.

Below please find our AntiMalware GO removal guide. You may download the program recommended by us, or, optionally, you may remove this virus by deleting its files and registry entries. Remember it might be necessary for you to restart your PC in safe mode before removal procedure. Good luck to you and stay safe with us! Please find more detailed excellent removal instructions for removal of AntiMalware GO at the site of GridinSoft Trojan Killer anti-virus.

You may download GridinSoft Trojan Killer for automatic removal of this virus.

Delete AntiMalware GO files:

Delete AntiMalware GO registry entries:

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