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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to remove AntiVira AV virus?

AntiVira AV is a fake PC anti-virus tool from the same clan that promotes Antivirus .NET rogue. When this junkware infects the computer it will be tuned up in such a manner that it will be started when Windows starts. As soon as it is loaded, AntiVira AV will arrange a virus scan and warns of a wide range of threats in its scan reports. Trying to delete detected items will pop-up a message that AntiVira AV registered version must be bought first. As it was already indicated, all alerts and scan reports that it forms are all counterfeit, that’s why you should never buy the full (paid version) of this junkware.

Having penetrated inside of the compromised PC, AntiVira AV will try to protect itself from being stopped. It tends to block security programs from being launched. As it was already indicated, all of such messages are simply a part of AntiVira AV malicious techniques. This is all done in order to convince users to buy the registered version of this malware. Instead, you need to refer to some legitimate anti-virus tool that is powerful enough to do the job of removal of this virus. Below please find the removal guidelines for elimination of this virus called AntiVira AV.

Delete AntiVira AV files:

Delete AntiVira AV registry entries:

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