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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Windows Wise Protection malware. How to uninstall Windows Wise Protection bogus anti-trojan application

Windows Wise Protection is nothing but the next pest made by the group of unfair IT guys from Russia. Be careful! It is our job to warn you about them on a timely basis, because if you are ever convinced with the fictitious promises made by Windows Wise Protection elaborators and obtain its full (registered) version there are good chances that you will never be able to get your money back – and you will not get the decent anti-virus protection that your PC requires so urgently. Once again we say it - Windows Wise Protection is a scam that should be removed forthwith.

It goes without saying that Windows Wise Protection does not ask for your command to penetrate inside of your system. This is all done in a tricky way – so you have no other option but to proceed with the installation procedure. Hence, upon successful infiltration, the scareware Windows Wise Protection would give the instruction to the system to reboot itself. Thus, after restart you are in front of this junkware – annoying, bogus and horrible tool.

You would face plenty of fictitious scans Windows Wise Protection performs, claiming detection of several supposedly identified and terrible errors and trojans on your workstation. By this time you need to know that they are all fake and do not really exist. Then the rogue would state that it is the only answer for removal of all such detected problems and viruses, but you would have to pay for its full version. Be not fooled so easily! Do not disclose your credit card data to this program and its developers.

To make the long story short, Windows Wise Protection is not capable at all to give the defense for your PC. The only right solution would be to delete Windows Wise Protection without loitering. Please follow the removal advises provided herein for removal of Windows Wise Protection from your system.

Delete Windows Wise Protection files:

Delete Windows Wise Protection registry entries:

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