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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Windows Software Guard - scam. How to get rid of Windows Software Guard virus

Windows Software Guard is a malware that was elaborated several days ago. Look at the screenshot above. It shows how Windows Software Guard looks like in reality. Well, do not be deceived by its pleasant-looking design. The fruits of its performance on your PC are really stinky. Your computer would suffer major turmoil if you keep Windows Software Guard inside and do not remove it at once.

Windows Software Guard pretends to be some good scanner, this is why it launches series of fake scans at each computer startup. After the fake scan lots of fake errors and threats are supposedly detected. And thus the user gets scared and thinks that his computer is in real danger. The virus Windows Software Guard offers itself as a remedy, but this remedy is not free - it asks you to pay for it. The main plot of the game is that Windows Software Guard cannot remove any stated viruses, because, first of all, they do not really exist. Thus, please disregard all the messages presented by Windows Software Guard trojan and refer to some decent anti-virus tool for elimination of this junkware from your computer. As an option, this article gives advises on both automatic and manual removal of Windows Software Guard. Good luck to you, and may your PC be always safe and clean!

Attention!!! The video given below shows the removal process of Windows Health Center virus described in one of our previous posts. Please be advised that removal of Windows Software Guard is similar to the removal procedure shown in this video.

Delete Windows Software Guard files:

Delete Windows Software Guard registry entries:

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