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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What is Windows Care Tool? How to delete Windows Care Tool malware

Beware! We regret to inform you about another virus in the cyber space developed by the load of crooks from Russia. This malware is now called Windows Care Tool. Still, it cannot provide you any professional and reliable care and defense of your system. It should be stated that it originates from the same malicious tribe of counterfeit anti-spyware applications of which we warned you in some of our previous posts. And its design is very similar to most of such malwares of this clan.

Please be advised that, similarly to most of other rogues, Windows Care Tool gets inside of your PC via gaps in the system security and by means of other available computer vulnerabilities that make your PC open to real threats. The main feature of this virus is that it sort of forces users to keep up with the installation procedure of this malware, without giving any other chances (like to cancel the installation). If you refuse to install it and do not click the buttons it tells you to click, then the fake would come up again once you reboot your PC. Thus, the very process of getting the benefit of your PC gets really irritating due to penetration of Windows Care Tool inside of your machine.

Windows Care Tool soon, after installation and reboot, initiates some fake system scanning process. However, this is just the untrue representation and hiding of its real aims. Windows Care Tool is a fake application dressing itself in the clothes of some good program, however, it is very malicious and destructive for your computer. After such scan you would see some reports stating availability of serious problems and viruses inside of your PC. The main objective of Windows Care Tool is to make you think that these indentified problems are real, so that you would be worried that much that you would finally make the decision to obtain this rogue as the only answer for deletion of all supposedly detected viruses. Do not ever be fooled like that! These are all simply unfair promises made by Windows Care Tool.

The only smart thing to do would be to uninstall this rogue at once, without delay. Please therefore listen to our removal advises given below for deletion of Windows Care Tool virus from your system. These guidelines include both automatic and manual instructions.

Delete Windows Care Tool files:

Delete Windows Care Tool registry entries:

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