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Thursday, February 10, 2011

What is Windows Optimal Solution? How to get rid of Windows Optimal Solution virus

Be careful and stay on the alert!!! Windows Optimal Solution has just appeared in the cyber space. This is a virus that is very active in distributing itself among so many computers in the world. And it has just been developed. Unfortunately, so many users do not know what it really is in reality… So, what’s inside of Windows Optimal Solution? Well, this is a totally unwanted program introduced by the evil group of hackers from Russia with the worst of goals. Needless to mention again, Windows Optimal Solution has nothing to do with some reliable anti-virus program that your system requires so much. This is why please be not deceived with it. Windows Optimal Solution is the scarware that needs to be deleted once identified – at the drop of a hat, without loitering.

Windows Optimal Solution penetration initially takes place in the form of fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alerts window. Be on guard! Do not be tricked! It is fake and is a part of the evil plot of attacking your PC with Windows Optimal Solution scam. Still, this badware would force you to keep up with the installation process. To say it otherwise, you would have no other options but to choose the buttons it offers for you to press. If you do not do it these annoying counterfeit warnings would still appear – as soon as you reboot your computer next time. Then, after you “obey” it, Windows Optimal Solution would finally come inside, and the system would be restarted. After the system reboot you would finally encounter the main interface of this badware.

Windows Optimal Solution, following the successful installation, arranges fake system scan, which, by the way, is also far away from the reality. The report that is shown at the end of this scan is also fake. It tells you many lies about the current status of your PC. However, some users might be tricked, seeing how many viruses and threats claimed to be found during the scan. And this is how they are tricked and then decide to obtain Windows Optimal Solution – cause they believe Windows Optimal Solution virus is the only know-how for removal of all supposedly detected pests. We repeat it again, they are all fake and should be totally ignored.

To sum up, Windows Optimal Solution’s removal is a first thing to do once you notice it inside of your PC. Please pay attention to the recommendations for removal of Windows Optimal Solution from your system. These recommendations have the guidelines for both automatic and manual restore of your system from this Windows Optimal Solution virus.

Delete Windows Optimal Solution files:

Delete Windows Optimal Solution registry entries:

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