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Friday, February 11, 2011

Security Defender – malware. How to delete Security Defender fake anti-malware application

We would like to tell you about Security Defender. This is the virus and fake anti-malware tool which was introduced by cyber crooks for the only goal– that is to trick you and rob you. Please be on alert and do not trust any fairy-tales Security Defender tells you about.

It should be noted that Security Defender is normally brought to your system by means of certain web sites that present advertisements stating about some “good” online anti-malware scanner. As soon as this advertisement is over it will state that your computer is seriously compromised and then would offer you to download and then later on install Security Defender inside of your machine. We seriously warn you once again that Security Defender is not the program that you should refer to, since it is always installed by means of trojans and other gaps in the system security, and it would make some amendments so that it would be automatically launched with every Windows reboot. As soon as Security Defender is launched it will give all sorts of error messages when you are going to run some applications of your preference or deleting unwanted files from the machine. In order to make your system look as if it is not functioning as well as it must, Security Defender can also cause some folders on your PC show no contents at all. Moreover, Security Defender will prevent some specific applications from regular operation.

To sum up the above-mentioned, if your PC has been compromised with this virus please delete this trash immediately. You should not buy this rogue, because its developers only wanted to fool you and get your money, without suggesting you any decent service at all. This is why you need to follow the advises stipulated below for elimination of Security Defender malware from your computer.

Delete Security Defender files:

Delete Security Defender registry entries:

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