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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Windows Optimal Settings malware. How to delete Windows Optimal Settings virus

Windows Optimal Settings stands for the next fake antivirus program that is being nowadays spread under the mask of bogus Microsoft Security Essentials alerts. Bear in mind that this alert has recently become one of the most widely spread malicious methods for penetration of fake antivirus programs to all sorts of PC systems. The alert states that your PC is infected with some kind of Trojan. What a pack of lies indeed!

Again we say it – such a message has nothing to do with Microsoft Corporation. This name is only used to “launder” the program. As it was already specified, this is a very widely spread way to attact PC systems as people have the tendency to believe into well-spread names. If you therefore take the offer that goes after this fake alert you will then upload and finally install Windows Optimal Settings to your PC. Once this is accomplished it will become impossible to start your system normally due to the fact that instead of logging in to Windows you will encounter Windows Optimal Settings up and running. The rogue would then pretend to be doing some kind of system scan and would claim to identify all sorts of malwares. In order to get rid of them you will be offered to buy the full version of Windows Optimal Settings.

The next peculiarity of your PC being infected is encountering lots of fake security notifications and pop up messages revealed on your PC screen. Again, all such messages have nothing to do with any actual threats. They only try to trick you and make you think your system is considerably infected. Hence, do not buy Windows Optimal Settings under any events. By doing so you will simply support the cyber crooks and lose your hard earned money. Get rid of Windows Optimal Settings as soon as you see it on your system.

Delete Windows Optimal Settings files:

Delete Windows Optimal Settings registry entries:

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