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Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to remove Windows AV Software virus easily and for free.

Windows AV Software is definitely not the antivirus software that should be trusted. This is a virus requiring immediate removal. It masks its actual goals by means of fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alerts. Nevertheless, once again we draw your attention to the fact that they are all typically fabricated, even though outwardly they seem to be indeed originated by Microsoft.

Windows AV Software rogue upon the installation imitates fake system scan. Then, at its end, Windows AV Software fake application presents the scan report, which is also should be not trusted. Whatever will be in that report should not be treated seriously, and the errors and critical system issues emphasized there do not even exist in reality. Still, Windows AV Software malware would offer itself as a remedy for elimination of all detected problems. By the way, Windows AV Software scam simply tries to trick you by means of offering its full version, asking you to pay for it. At the same time even if you pay money for it you would not get any good service at all.

Again we say it - Windows AV Software is a scareware that should be not trusted. Please uninstall Windows AV Software as soon as possible from your computer, and, by the way, its easy to do it with Trojan Killer trial version for free, provided you do not have any other viruses.

Delete Windows AV Software files:

Delete Windows AV Software registry entries:

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