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Thursday, February 17, 2011

What is Windows Express Help? How to remove Windows Express Help virus

How to get rid of Windows Express Help? This is they question of great importance to many PC users. Windows Express Help is a rogue application, masking its real goals and pretending to be some superb system optimizer. However, its actual goals are all evil and full of fraud.

Windows Express Help malware is installed by means of Fake Microsoft Security Essentials infection. This means that before Windows Express Help scareware is finally installed you will first face some fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert message that would force you to proceed with the installation process. Then, after you are pushed into clicking the buttons it says the virus would ask you to reboot the PC, and upon the reboot you would finally see Windows Express Help window.

Windows Express Help would then imitate some system scan, claiming detection of plenty of problems identified in the system. Then Windows Express Help fake optimizer would offer itself as a solution for elimination of all such supposedly revealed problems. Of course, this would not be free of charge for you… The saddest obstacle is that Windows Express Help is not capable at all to improve your system performance. It is good for nothing, moreover, it will slow down your PC functioning considerably. Needless to say, you should not purchase this fabricated rogue.

To summarize the aforesaid, Windows Express Help is a fake application that should be deleted at once. Please be so kind to pay your utmost attention to the removal prescriptions given below for removal of this horrible virus and its malicious roots on your system.

Delete Windows Express Help files:

Delete Windows Express Help registry entries:

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