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Thursday, February 17, 2011

What is System Tool? How to delete System Tool malware

System Tool is a very malicious application that is very severe nowadays in attacking so many PCs. Many active PC users are trying to find all sorts of solutions on how to remove System Tool virus, but not all anti-viruses are capable of doing this. System Tool is a rogue that imitates some good anti-virus program. But its actual aims are fraudulent and deceitful.

Upon its installation System Tool arranges fake scan of your PC, with thousands of fake viruses and pests detected at the end of such scan. In addition, bear in mind that System Tool does a lot of damage on your PC. It blocks your Internet Explorer and running the desired applications. This is all done in order to prevent you from finding the solution to remove it. System Tool has the only aim – to persuade you that it is the only solution for removal of all detected threats, even though they are all fake.

To make the long story short, System Tool is a very malicious application that should be removed immediately. Please find System Tool removal guidelines stipulated below.

Excellent automatic removal guidelines can be found at the site of GridinSoft Trojan Killer.
System Tool manual removal guidelines:
Delete System Tool files:

Delete System Tool registry entries:

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