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Sunday, March 27, 2011

How to get rid of Windows Repair virus with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer

Windows Repair is a fake system defragmenter program. It is a direct successor of Windows Diagnostic, Windows Recovery and other fake HDD defragmengers of such type. All of them are viruses that should not be tolerated. This post gives the answer on how to remove Windows Repair virus from your computer.

Windows Repair tends to arrange fake system scans with subsequent fake reports about HDD problems. Often user cannot see the files and folders of the PC, and so he/she starts thinking that indeed there are some serious problems. However, the only problem is Windows Repair virus. Hidden files and folders, inability to launch the desired applications, possible Internet redirects - this is the job of Windows Repair rogue application. Do not buy it even when its promises to fix your PC sound really persuasive. You need to remove Windows Repair scam from your PC. But how to get rid of Windows Repair badware from your system? Well, there are two options for this - either you do it manually or automatically. We recommend automatical removal with GridinSoft Trojan Killer. We hope your PC will never be attacked and infected with Windows Repair scam, but if this took place then GridinSoft Trojan Killer can help you remove this virus from your system.

The process of removal of Windows Repair virus using GridinSoft Trojan Killer is shown on this video:

Get rid of Windows Repair files:

Get rid of Windows Repair registry entries:


Online PC Repair said...

Thanks for providing the handful guide on malware removal.

Naveed said...

Trojan Killer removed the Windows Repair virus; however I still can't see any files from C Drive.

I am running Windows 7.

Please help, thanks

something beautiful. said...

The free trial version won't get rid of it for me, just scans and shows me the infected files. Id like to avoid paying for the program. How do you go about doing it manually? I see you've listed what I need to delete, but how do I go about doing that?

something beautiful. said...

Okay so I think I got rid of it, but how can I be sure?

I appreciate any help, I just want to be assured my computer is safe :)

tobybflo said...

This is an easy one just ctrl alt del then end process for 40492808 then do a search for c:program data\40492808 and delete both files that appear then scan clean up and search again to make sure it is gone.

adrian said...

toby thing is now for some reason when i do ctrl alt del it goes to my log in screen saying lock account, task manager and other crap all i want is it gone wtf do i do system restore got it gone for awhile but then it comes back and keeps restarting my computer and my files are all gone

Andrew & Zach said...

I came home to this problem yesterday, family member in a panic. I saw that all the files were "gone" but as a tech person, I knew that could not be so, otherwise, how could it even boot up if there were no files?! Also the properties showed that the files were still holding up to 50% of the drive space so I figured the HIDDEN attribute was set. I scrounged around looking for a fix. In the MSCONFIG / STARTUP files, the file xYVTHAV.exe (or something like that) was loading - a BIG TIP OFF that this was a trojan. Once I changed the File/Folder view to show hidden, I saw all the files. Went through the process of removing all entries related to this file (as well as another one, a numeric name file similar to the one above but different numbers - see properties of the shortcut Windows Remover). But it still disabled the Task Manager. Will try these steps to see if that helps. It also disabled Windows Restore ability.

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