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Monday, April 18, 2011

"Due to virus my old files are gone. My desktop is still missing the old icons and the old background". How to fix the problem?

The above-mentioned problem is caused by the viruses known as fake system optimizers and defragmenters, such as Windows Fix Disk, Windows Repair, Windows Restore, Windows Recovery and several other malware programs. We have been receiving plenty of e-mail over the latest period of time with similar questions as described below.

Hello, I just purchased your software and removed the "Windows Recovery" virus. When I restarted my computer, however, my old files are missing and things are still not right. How can I fix this? Thanks.

Hello, I just purchased GridinSoft Trojan killer and after I scanned it removed the threats but it deleted all my files I think. On your website it says that the virus just misplaces the files. What should I do to locate my files? Can you please help me.

I have purchased the GridinSoft Trojan Killer to remove the fake "Windows Recovery" virus, however, even after the removal of the infected items my pc has not restored back to its original setting. I can not see anything on my desktop or any of my program files. Please help.

I received a virus which installed the "Windows Recovery" program on my computer. I purchase Trojan Killer and the virus was removed, but my desktop is still missing the old icons and the old background. How do i get the original settings back?

GridinSoft LLC has elaborated the simple but free and effective application that will help you restore your files and folders. This application is called Unhider, and you may download it from this site: If you have Windows XP operating system, then simply run it. If you have Windows Vista of Windows Seven operating system, then run the Unhider application with administrator rights.


Dilshod Y. Ahundjanov said...
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Shania said...

This proves that it is always important to backup the hard drive, to install different kinds of anti-virus software, and to be always willing to update them. It also proves that asking for help is not a bad thing, and that there are experts who are willing to lend a hand.

Shania Simpsons

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