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Friday, May 13, 2011

How to remove Windows XP Recovery virus. Uninstall guide from GridinSoft Trojan Killer

It appears that viruses like Windows Recovery, Windows Fix Disk, Windows Repair, Windows Restore and many other similar ones now have their continuation. We have been able to discover their another representative which bears the name of Windows XP Recovery. Its interface has been slightly changed from dark-blue to light white color. However, the goals, the objectives and the purposes of Windows XP Recovery remained just the same. It is designed specifically to scare users into purchasing Windows XP Recovery malware. We hope that you will not be one of the victims of Windows XP Recovery scam. If you have become such victim, then this article is for you on time.

First of all, keep in mind that the removal of Windows XP Recovery malware is a feasible task for a decent anti-virus program. There are several of them that you may find over the Internet. That’s why if your computer has been infected with Windows XP Recovery virus you should not panic too much. On the contrary, make all necessary provisions for removal of Windows XP Recovery malware from your system.

Now, how does Windows XP Recovery represent itself when it gets inside of your computer? It should be noted that its behavior is not different from that of Windows Recovery or Windows Fix Disk (and other malwares previously discussed in this blog). Windows XP Recovery would change the desktop theme of your PC from the theme of your choice to the black-colored one. However, this is not the worst thing done by Windows XP Recovery. What is more threatening and horrible is that Windows XP Recovery hides all your files, folders, icons on the desktop, programs in the “Start” menu and other files in the folders of your hard drives. In other words, user faces the missing (empty desktop) and same empty folders each time he/she wants to open them. This is all the job of Windows XP Recovery, beyond any doubt. However, Windows XP Recovery itself would state that all such problems are caused by some other factors and not by Windows XP Recovery. It would run fake system scan with every system reboot and would then report plenty of bugs and errors inside of your machine. And then its final plot is disclosed - Windows XP Recovery tells you to purchase its full version which, according to the promises made by Windows XP Recovery, can fix all supposedly detected errors. Be not deceived! The only problem inside of your computer is Windows XP Recovery. Do not therefore buy it and make sure to remove Windows XP Recovery infection from your computer.

GridinSoft Trojan Killer is the program that you might consider as the tool to remove Windows XP Recovery. GridinSoft Trojan Killer, however, is not free, but it can effectively remove Windows XP Recovery virus as shown on the example of Windows Fix Disk (similar infection). Should you require our assistance please make sure to contact us at any time.

The next video will explain to you how to restore your files, folders, desktop icons ans programs in the Start menu.


joseph said...

Thank you, this actually worked. I didn’t think it was going to!

Amie said...

I have this stupid virus and I cannot do anything on my computer at all! It appears as if everything has been deleted on my computer. I only have a black screen with this windows XP recovery box. I tried to ctrl, alt, del and it tells me that the administrator has disabled the task manager. What do I do? Please help!!!!

Amie said...

I watched you video, but I don't even have an option to get onto the internet.

Ed said...

Thank you sooo much!!

My files contained only one folder mentioned in the last step.. but I reset the value to "0" and voila!

I know you do this to help others.. but why oh why do some doofuses release these crap trojans? What can they possibly get out of harming people?

tom said...

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