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Saturday, May 14, 2011

What is Windows Tasks Optimizer? How to remove Windows Tasks Optimizer virus

Do you know that Windows Tasks Optimizer is not some decent PC optimization program but, on the contrary, the one that is designed to damage it? Yes, this is the sad but true fact. The people who developed Windows Tasks Optimizer did not care for helping your PC work better. Money is their only goal, so they developed Windows Tasks Optimizer malware in order to scare users with its fake reports about all kinds of system errors and bugs, afterwards telling them to purchase its so-called full version. Poor are those who purchase Windows Tasks Optimizer, cause by doing so they simply lose their money. They do not get any decent help in response. By purchasing Windows Tasks Optimizer they just give their money into the hands of crooks.

Indeed, Windows Tasks Optimizer has not understanding or knowledge what to do when real PC problems occur. The only thing that Windows Tasks Optimizer is capable of is interfering into your system without your consent or approval, and then creating multiple obstacles for your work with the computer. Windows Tasks Optimizer, just like its predecessors, Windows Work Catalyst, Windows Attention Utility, Windows Inspection Utility, Windows Supervision Center, Windows Oversight Center, uses fake Microsoft Security Essential Alerts for penetration inside of your system. As soon as the malicious files and registry entries of Windows Tasks Optimizer are installed successfully, Windows Tasks Optimizer commences realization of its malicious plot. It would first arrange the fake system scan that would not let you run other programs until it is over. You simply will not be able to shut down the annoying window of Windows Tasks Optimizer until it finishes its senseless system scan. However, when it is over you may easily close the window of Windows Tasks Optimizer and keep working with your computer. But Windows Tasks Optimizer would not let you download or run the anti-virus program, no matter which program you choose. In order to find out how to bypass the blockage of Windows Tasks Optimizer it is recommended for you to carefully watch the video guide that shown how to remove similar virus infection – Windows Remedy.

Do not be deceived with fake scans and same fake reports of Windows Tasks Optimizer about plenty of PC errors inside of your workstation. Their only aim is to make you pay for the full version of Windows Tasks Optimizer, which is as useless as the trial one. The problems, errors and bugs reported by Windows Tasks Optimizer do not exist in reality. Even if they existed Windows Tasks Optimizer would not be able to fix them. Do not waste your money. Do not buy Windows Tasks Optimizer. Remove it using the reliable anti-virus program that can accomplish the removal task. We hope that this information has been clear and simple to understand. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you need our assistance.

To sum up, please watch the explanatory video showing how to get rid of Windows Remedy virus. The elimination process for Windows Tasks Optimizer with GridinSoft Trojan Killer is just the same.

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