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Friday, May 6, 2011

How to uninstall Windows Recovery virus infection. More information about Windows Recovery malware removal

In several of our previous posts we told about Windows Recovery scam application. Beyound any doubt, Windows Recovery virus made the real mess inside of so many PCs worldwide. Windows Recovery virus imitates some kind of system defragmenter. This is why it initates fake system scans of your PC as soon as it has successfully penetrated inside of it. The screenshot of this fake scanning process is shown above.

After each scan initiated with every system startup you would see the following fake report about the availability of plenty of system errors:

The entire scanning process of Windows Recovery would be accompanied with plenty or annoying popup messages that would interrupt you on the regular basis. You may find out how they look like below:

Windows Recovery virus states that it discovered plenty of problems that have to do with the system performance of your machine. It promises that it may fix them if you purchase its full version. This is the fake promise, cause such problems most probably do not even exist. Windows Recovery virus is the only problem that is inside of your system.

In the same manner the promises of Windows Recovery to fix all errors are fake, cause such errors are, on the contrary, created by Windows Recovery malware.

Just as we have already said, Windows Recovery tries to create the impression of some decent system defragmenter and optimizer. It has a nice interface, but this is just the outward appearance.

The only goal of Windows Recovery program is to make you pay money for its full version, which is as useless as the trial one, by the way. Thus, do not ever pay money for Windows Recovery rogue.

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