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Monday, May 16, 2011

Uninstall guide for Windows 7 Recovery virus. How to get rid of Windows 7 Recovery scam program

Below please find the description and the removal guide explaining how to remove Windows 7 Recovery virus. Much has already been told about such fake system optimizers as Windows Recovery, Windows Restore, Windows Fix Disk, Windows Repair and other similar rogues. This time the necessity is to describe to our readers the features of Windows 7 Recovery, similar malware.

If you go to Google then you will discover many articles already posted about Windows 7 Recovery. It is indeed good that people are writing the reviews about malwares and how to get rid of them, both automatically and manually. However, for some users it might be quite difficult to understand how exactly to manually remove the viruses like Windows 7 Recovery. If they are told to get rid of files and registry entries many users do not even know where to find them. We believe that the automatic removal of Windows 7 Recovery malware is the best variant for users who want to quickly and simple remove this virus without any complications.

As you know, Windows 7 Recovery is not the program that you should have on your computer. It modifies your system considerably, it hides your icons, files, folders and programs in the start menu. It would happen that your desktop would seem to be missing. It is in fact not missing but just hidden by Windows 7 Recovery virus. All the above-mentioned interferences are made in order to scare you into thinking that something is going really wrong with your system. This is when Windows 7 Recovery would tell that it would heal your computer if you pay for it. Beware! Do not ever pay any cent for Windows 7 Recovery scam. This is the only goal of Windows 7 Recovery so far. All hidden files and folders, missing programs in the start menu and missing desktop – this is indeed the job of Windows 7 Recovery malware. If you remove Windows 7 Recovery and restore your files and folders with the free program called Unhider from GridinSoft Trojan Killer your computer will be restored back to the previous mode.

The final conclusion that we make from the above-mentioned information is that you need to get rid of Windows 7 Recovery using some decent anti-virus tool. Definitely you should not keep Windows 7 Recovery or bear its malicious activity inside of your machine. GridinSoft Trojan Killer is a program capable of removing Windows 7 Recovery virus quickly and effectively, as shown in the video guide below on the example of Windows Fix Disk virus removal, similar malware.


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