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Friday, May 27, 2011

Windows Custom Settings virus. How to remove Windows Custom Settings scam?

If you have made the decision to obtain Windows Custom Settings after it suggested you to do this then you are making the serious error. We hope that after reading this post you will change your decision and get rid of Windows Custom Settings from your computer.

Do you know that Windows Custom Settings is designed simply to get funds from users? Yes, it is. Windows Custom Settings looks nice, resembling certain decent Windows tool. But when we analyzed it in more details we discovered that it is good for nothing. In addition, by obtaining it you will simply lose your funds. Such tools are called fake ones – pretending to be some great tools but in reality not being able to do any good thing for your PC. Windows Custom Settings is one of them. As soon as Windows Custom Settings gets inside of your system it would immediately commence the feast to celebrate its successful dwelling inside of your computer. This celebration is started in the form of bogus system scan and subsequent fictitious reports about plenty of problems and errors with your computer. All of them are fake. However, Windows Custom Settings would offer you to buy its full version to have all of them fixed. Be not deceived so easily! Windows Custom Settings is good for nothing and it only tries to get your money. It will not fix real problems with your PC when they occur. By the way, Windows Custom Settings is probably the only problem of your computer.

To get rid of this problem you need to remove Windows Custom Settings virus. You may do it as shown in the video guide provided below (on the example of Windows Firewall Unit malware removal with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer).

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