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Monday, July 11, 2011

Windows Armour Master virus. How to get rid of Windows Armor Master scam

What is Windows Armour Master?

Have you heard of Windows Armour Master? Have you seen its presence on your computer? What do you think about it? Do you think it is a good program or bad one? Do you think it is worth keeping or should it be wiped off immediately? The present post is meant to tell you the whole truth about Windows Armour Master program.

"Facts speak louder than words" - the well-known English idiom asserts. All the facts about Windows Armour Master mentioned below prove that this is the virus and rogue application.

What Windows Armour Master does with your PC upon penetration iside?

If the first thing you see after turning on your PC is the Windows Armour Master window, there’s a bad news for you – your computer is infected. What appears to be a trustful and useful application that helps you to protect your PC is a dangerous intruder created for one only purpose – to steal your money. All the numerous alerts and reports about viruses, malware and errors the program provides you with are fake. Moreover even if they were real the “Tool” simply has no tools to solve any problem. Of course you may say that it seems real, but we can easily prove that it’s neither more nor less than virus. First of all more than likely this malware like many others of the kind was installed on your PC without asking your permission. Besides you will never find it in the Add/Remove programs of your Control Panel. It simply doesn’t give you a chance to delete it while trustful software will always offer you a choice to use it or not. As well after malware will start working it’s absolutely impossible to close its window till the fraud scan will be finished. Not you but the application is the owner of your computer now. So far it seems that you have no right to decide if you want to install this application on your PC or not, nobody asks you if you need it to work and you are even unable to delete intruder. All this shows that this program has too many common features with viruses and should be treated accordingly.

How to remove Windows Armour Master?

To remove Windows Armour Master malady please follow either automatic or manual removal guidelines provided below.

Windows Armour Master automatic removal:

For automatic removal of Windows Armour Master download GridinSoft Trojan Killer and run it.

malware removal tool

Windows Armour Master manual removal:

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