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Monday, July 11, 2011

Windows Easy Warden virus. How to remove

What is Windows Easy Warden?

Virus is the right word when it comes to description of Windows Easy Warden program. In can also be fairly named as scam, fake, rogue and malware application deserving to be immediately removed from your PC. So, if you see Windows Easy Warden application in front of your screen do not have any fake illusions about it. Remember that this is the virus which makes your system vulnerable to other malware attacks.

"Facts speak louder than words" - the well-known English idiom asserts. All the facts about Windows Easy Warden mentioned below prove that this is the virus and rogue application.

What Windows Easy Warden does with your PC upon penetration iside?

Probably the only thing good about the series of malicious and fake system optimizers updated day by day (like Windows Armature Master, Windows Armour Master and now Windows Easy Warden) is that they give a chance for non-English speakers to improve their language skills and English vocabulary. Just as a matter of curiosity we went to the dictionary and searched for the definition of the word “warden”. It appears that it means “supervisor”, “inspector”, “superintendent”. Now, let us ask ourselves a question – why is this program called Windows Easy Warden? Is it really on the guard of your PC safety? Will it protect your computer against real virus and malware enemies? Not at all. Windows Easy Warden is staying on the guard of its evil plans and plots to make you one of its potential victims. Therefore, it is not worth keeping at all.

How to remove Windows Easy Warden?

You see, when Windows Easy Warden is successfully installed inside of your system it would immediately commence the series of fake system scans of your computer. This is the imitation of a real scan, having nothing to do with the reality. Likewise, the reports of Windows Easy Warden are as fake as its scans. However, Windows Easy Warden would tell you that your computer is full of viruses and problems and that it is the only remedy you can find to fix it, however, you would be asked to first pay for it. Even if you buy Windows Easy Warden it would not help you. The problems it tells you about do not exist. And most probably there are no any serious viruses and problems with your computer except for Windows Easy Warden malady. To remove this program from your computer please watch our videos showing automatic and manual removal of this scam.

Windows Easy Warden automatic removal:

For automatic removal of Windows Easy Warden download GridinSoft Trojan Killer and run it.

malware removal tool

Windows Easy Warden manual removal:

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