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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

System Repair malware. How to remove System Repair virus?

The current trend for the family of fake system defragmenters is that they give more and more new but similar programs, however, having different names. The way the act, however, is very similar. All of them have the destructive impact on the contaminated machines. The same can be fairly attributed to System Repair virus. It is the same as Windows XP Repair, Windows Vista Repair, Windows 7 Repair or just Windows Repair malwares.

The primary purpose of this post is to instruct you not to buy System Repair program. The point is that eventually System Repair would offer you to do this. When its malicious roots are planted onto your machine System Repair would initiate the range of fake system scans. When they are over System Repair would report various problems with your computer. It would say that it would heal them if you purchase its full version. However, this report is just the pack of lies and should not be trusted by you. Even if you pay for System Repair program it would not help you to get rid of real problems caused by System Repair itself. Here is the brief list of all bad things performed by System Repair rogue:

  • Missing files and folders (due to hidden attribute initiated by System Repair virus
  • Missing icons and empty desktop
  • Missing programs in the Start menu
  • Unauthorized startup with every Windows launching
  • Permanent annoying popups, notices and messages
  • Inability to launch many executables
  • Risk of files being deleted by System Repair virus

And this is just the brief list of all horrible things done by System Repair virus. To tell you the truth, we really regret if your computer has been infected with this type of junkware.

Needless to say, System Repair must be removed immediately. We recommend you to go to Google and look for the good anti-malware program which would help you get rid of System Repair virus effectively. The video below will explain to you how to restore your files and folders, as well as icons, desktop and the programs in the Start menu after System Repair virus attack.

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