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Monday, August 29, 2011

OpenCloudAntivirus – fake security program. How to delete OpenCloudAntivirus scam

Once OpenCloudAntivirus program gets inside of the system it will immediately let people know about its presence. This is not some program that would ask for your permission to penetrate inside of your system. Neither is it the application which can be found in the list of Add/Remove programs. So, obviously there is something really suspicious with it. We have carried out the detailed analysis of this malware and came to the conclusion that it is nothing but the next rogue security program which was designed specifically for one goal – that is to trick and to scare users into purchasing it fake and useless full version which is as senseless as the trial one. We therefore believe that this is our duty to warn our users of this horrible computer infection which indeed represents considerable danger to your computer if it has some vulnerabilities or gaps for penetration inside of it. Thus, having the good and decent anti-virus protection system is a necessity nowadays, just as its timely update. However, this could be not enough. Another important factor is being extremely careful in the Internet realms. What we all should realize is that the world wide web is full of extremely dangerous files, programs, links and application which can represent essential threat to our systems. Hence, being extremely careful while surfing the web is a must-do thing for all users. Even social networks nowadays contain several malicious links in the profiles of some users who abuse such social networks for reaching their evil goals and plots. So, this is how OpenCloudAntivirus penetrates inside of the attacked workstation – through the world wide web. Now, what can we tell about this malware? First of all, it imitates some kind of superb system anti-virus, but the reality is that this is just the outward impression of yours, the fact is that this is the pack of lies and nothing really worth trust. OpenCloudAntivirus is not able at all to help your system function better. It is not able to set you free from real infections simply because it is the virus itself. At the same time, it would arrange the fake system scan with every system startup and hen, upon termination of the fake scan, it would report thousands of unreal viruses supposedly available at your computer. You should not trust any piece of information asserted by this rogue program. In the same manner you should not purchase its so-called registered version, because this is just the total waste of your money. Those users who pay for this rogue program are simply supporting the rogue developers and cyber crooks. So, read to the removal instructions of OpenCloudAntivirus stipulated below and get rid of this virus as soon as possible, without any sort of hesitation.

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