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Saturday, August 27, 2011

PC Repair – virus threat. How to remove PCRepair fake HDD defragmenter

PC Repair goes soon after HDD Repair, another virus which has been the subject of one of our latest posts. Well, as for PC Repair we can boldly assert that it is not really different from its predecessor. Both of these viruses are equally severe and can essentially damage the entire performance of your computer. There are several ways how viruses like PC Repair penetrate inside of the infected computer. All of them, however, have to do with the Internet, because the majority of viruses are nowadays being spread via the Internet channels worldwide. So users must be really very careful with the pages they surf, with the links they click and with the files they tend to download over the web. Having the powerful anti-virus protection in the form of real-time anti-virus program is the essential component of your PC’s security. But sometimes this could be not enough, because in few cases the anti-virus databases could be outdated either by your fault or by the fault of the developers of anti-viruses. This is one of the ways how the malware called PC Repair gets inside of your workstation.

Security in the social networks also requires of you to be careful while surfing them and while communicating with your friends. Be careful and do not click any suspicious links which may contain the infection codes of PC Repair virus. Now, what can we tell in particular about PC Repair threat? First of all, this is the fake system or hard drive defragmenter which would claim a lot of fake information about the actual condition of your machine. It would tell about problems like missing or overfilled hard drive, it would make your files, folders, desktop icons and programs in the start menu as missing or deleted, even though in reality they still exist (is a separate folder though). The only aim of PC Repair virus is to make you really scared for the actual condition of your system. Then this malware program would tell you that it is the only right solution for you to purchase, promising you that by buying its so-called full version you would have all the aforesaid problems fixed and repaired. The reality is that all such problems, first of all, are all caused by PC Repair virus itself. Another thing is that this virus cannot resolve any issues connected with your hard drive. It can ruin but not build. It can demolish but not erect. That’s beyond any piece of hesitation. So, purchasing PC Repair is like the total and useless waste of your money. Please be wise enough and do not follow the tricks of PC Repair virus. Any information coming from it is far away from the reality. Thus, this type of program was designed specifically to trick users into wasting money and donating it for the team of cyber crooks and criminals who deserve to be put into prison for their bountiful evil deeds. Please therefore read the rest of this post with the video presentations showing and explaining to you how to get rid of virus called PC Repair. We hope this information will be beneficial to you and that you will be able to resolve your computer problems quickly and effectively.

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