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Friday, September 30, 2011

Three keys to Advanced PC Shield 2012 virus successful removal

Advanced PC Shield 2012 is the latest and the newest malware known to attack lots of computers all over the world at the present time. It should be noted that this is quite a powerful PC enemy. Many users from various countries all over the world got infected with this rogue security program. The only aim of it is to make people really scared with the fake security warnings originated by this scam. It deceives users when it tells about plenty of viruses, threats and trojans supposedly identified during its fictitious scan. We hope that you will be clever and smart enough not to believe into the faulty statements of this fake anti-virus about all such problems and will not let it trick you. Do not pay for this scareware and get rid of Advanced PC Shield 2012 immediately. Searching for the activation code or the license key of Advanced PC Shield 2012 would help you partially solve the problem. The virus would not be removed completely. We recommend you to download three programs in order to effectively delete the malware. They are called KillMalwareProc.exe, Kaspersky TDSS Killer and GridinSoft Trojan Killer. These three tools will help you get rid of Advanced PC Shield 2012 virus.

Milestones for successful removal of Advanced PC Shield 2012 virus:

  • Download 2 applications – Kaspersky TDSS Killer and KillMalwareProc.exe. Save them to some PC folder of your choice.
  • Download links:

    Kaspersky TDSS Killer KillMalwareProc.exe

  • Add KillMalwareProc.exe downloaded application to the Startup folder of your computer.
  • Launch Kaspersky TDSS Killer. It will remove the virus driver and will ask you to reboot your PC. Follow its instructions and reboot.
  • After reboot KillMalwareProc.exe application will not let the virus be installed again. Shut down KillMalwareProc.exe. Download and run GridinSoft Trojan Killer and remove all the remaining threats.

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