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Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to get rid of Security Sphere virus?

It has just recently come to our attention that the virus and rogue applications, such as Personal Shield Pro and MS Removal Tool, have their continuation represented in the form of Security Sphere rogue (also known as Security Sphere 2012). Regretfully, considering the influence of the malicious activities of its predecessors, this scareware is probably going to be as severe as its “parents”. However, this PC enemy can be overcome if you get prepared to bravely meet and destroy it. Having the detailed information describing any kind of virus is the essential component at your disposal which, beyond any doubt, will help you to successfully kill it. In order to remove any virus it is a must to know about its features, first of all. Hence, this post will describe to you how this scam looks like and how it behaves. Additionally, it is a necessity to realize how to remove the virus successfully. This post will help you to find out about the process of removal of the virus effectively.

Security Sphere 2012 penetrates to your computer through malicious files (known as Trojans) which have overwhelmed the realms of the world wide web. Regretfully, nowadays the Internet is full of malicious files and codes which are targeting your system in order to penetrate to it and to commence their malicious activities inside of it. The very process of its infiltration via Trojans can take place due to weaknesses in the anti-virus protection of your computer. Thus, it is a mandatory requirement for you to have the good anti-virus program installed inside of it in order to prevent your system from further malware infiltrations. Secondly, it is a must for you to be very careful with what sites you tend to visit, what links you choose to click and what applications from the Internet you decide to download. Very often good programs can be bundled with the malicious ones, therefore, be constantly on the alert to prevent your computer from being infected, including such type of infection.

Security Sphere does not care at all whether you want to see it or not in front of your desktop. Therefore, as soon as it is successfully brought inside of your machine, the rogue would tune up things in such a manner that it will be launched each time you turn your computer on. What a disregard to your opinion indeed! However, this is just the beginning of the housewarming party of the malware when it gets inside of your system. The fake anti-virus would commence running fake system scans each time you turn your computer on, with further presentation of fake reports about plenty of infections, viruses, malwares and other threats supposedly detected on your computer. Do you realize why it presents all such fake warnings? Well, the answer is quite obvious and predictable – simply in order to scare you into purchasing Security Sphere 2012 program as a supposed remedy which would recover your computer from all diseases caused by the above-mentioned fake malwares reported to be inside of it. Nevertheless, all such information is entirely fake and thus should be totally disregarded. You should neither trust it nor pay for its so-called full/registered/commercial version. It will not help you at all simply because it does not even exist. By purchasing this program you are simply losing your money and disclose private bank information to cyber criminals who don’t want too long to use it for reaching their malicious goals. Summarizing the above-mentioned information, Security Sphere is not the program that you should have on your computer. Make sure to ignore all fake messages originated by such type of virus. Finally, take care of your computer by removing the malware as instructed in this article. We recommend automatic removal of Security Sphere rogue using some decent anti-virus application. We are confident that this removal job is quite a feasible task for GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

Milestones for successful removal of Security Sphere 2012 virus:

  • Before downloading GridinSoft Trojan Killer as the anti-virus program recommended by us for removal of Security Sphere malware open your browser and download Process Killer application, the free tool from GridinSoft LLC. Process Killer is used to terminate the processes of viruses which create obstacles for launching decent anti-viruses like GridinSoft Trojan Killer. In order to download Process Killer go to your browser and insert this text into the address field:
  • Press Enter.

  • Save pkiller.exe to your hard drive folder (whatever one you choose). Afterwards you need to rename “pkiller.exe” into “explorer.exe” and launch “explorer.exe”
  • Warning: if you could not launch “explorer.exe” you may try to rename “pkiller.exe” to “iexplore.exe” or “winlogon.exe”. Then run the renamed file.
  • Upon successful termination of the process of Security Sphere using Process Killer close it and download GridinSoft Trojan Killer.
  • malware removal tool

  • Update the program, run the scan and remove all detected threats upon termination of the scan with GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

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