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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to select a strong password?

A password is often the only and the most essential way of your data protection, no matter what area of your IT routine you are dealing with. Treat it seriously! If you therefore suspect that somebody has the access to your data then make sure to change your password immediately. Below please find our recommendations on how to make your passwords more effective.

First of all, do not use simple passwords like “12345”, “qwerty”, “password”, etc. Do not apply your name, surname, date of birth of passport number, or even just nouns. Such passwords can be easily figured out. The strong and reliable password must:

  1. contain from 6 to 20 symbols;
  2. contain lower-case and upper-case Latin letters;
  3. contain digits;
  4. contain the punctuation elements, such as -!@#$%^&*()+_;
  5. not match your login;
  6. be easily remembered, lest you forget it.

It is a good idea to write some word of your own native language or phrase with the English alphabet (transliteration option). This is especially applicable for users whose native language is other than English. And, of course, remember: whatever the case might be, do not disclose your password to anybody else except of you only. The world’s largest e-mail service providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail never ask users to send them their own passwords, so if you receive such message just ignore it completely for your own safety. Good luck!

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