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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Virus System Restore removal and termination of 6dss92c31apgjk.exe as its main process

The saddest thing about System Restore scam is that it really slows down your computer. User starts receiving plenty of ridiculous and yet bountiful messages about all kinds of problems allegedly occurring with his/her computer. One thing we know for sure – you need to be very careful with your browsing preferences. Sometimes we think that the links we tend to visit are safe and secure, but this is not always true. Having a powerful anti-virus program with proactive (online) protection is a necessity nowadays. If it is updated regularly it will not allow users to have their PCs infected with malwares like System Restore and other fake, rogue and virus applications. But first let us have some humor for today – lest you do not fall into despair completely while reading about all horrible amendments initiated by this malware called SystemRestore.

There was one old man who was bored

So he slept on the keyboard and snored…

With eyelashes and lips

Hitting some malware links

He got “System Restore” as “reward”.

Well, don’t panic if your computer has been contaminated with this horrible junkware. It should be noted that this rogue is known to hide your icons and desktop. It also hides your programs in the start menu. In the same manner the scareware tells you about plenty of errors with your HDD. You need to keep in mind that the above-mentioned program is far away from being decent applications. It is important to realize that it is a virus and not the good application at all. It is the malware designed to scare you into purchasing it (on the basis of fake reports about the supposed errors detected on your computer). However, all the problems you encounter on your machine, such as missing desktop, missing icons, empty screen, empty list of programs in the Start menu are caused by this virus only. Hence, what you indeed must do is to get rid of System Restore immediately if it contaminated your computer. The video below will explain to you how to get rid of System Restore scam using GridinSoft Trojan Killer. However, the very removal of this virus might not be enough, cause it considerably modifies your file system, making files hidden, desktop missing and implementing other bad things for your computer. The video guide also teaches you how to fix this problem and to restore your system to previous settings.

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