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Monday, October 24, 2011

How to terminate mpdonxRWd2Yvlz.exe – new core process of System Restore virus

System Restore virus used to have 6dss92c31apgjk.exe as the main process for quite a continuous time. We have already published the article about it several weeks ago, by the way. We have been recently able to discover that the fundamental process of System Restore hoax has been amended recently, now bearing the name of mpdonxRWd2Yvlz.exe. The very change of the name does not really make any difference in itself. The character of SystemRestore malware behavior remained the same, being aimed at destruction of your PC if you do not pay for its so-called full version as the supposed remedy to fix all the problems created by this virus itself. However, the user whose system got contaminated with this trojan virus needs to know one thing – buying the license or the activation code of System Restore program would not really fix the computer. Once the serial of this hoax is inserted the program might remove itself automatically, leaving all other problems created by it available inside of the computer. Hence, as you can see, the licence code of System Restore virus is not the remedy for total PC recovery. You would still have the problem of missing files, icons, folders and programs in the Start menu. You would still encounter the so-called empty or missing desktop, without any content on it. Thus, purchasing the key of System Restore rogue is just the total waste of your money. Surely, there are many other wonderful things you could invest your money into. The main location of mpdonxRWd2Yvlz process of System Restore malady is clear from the image below. In order to have the virus removed completely and to have the file and folder system renovated after this rogue attack please carefully follow the video guidelines provided herein.

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