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Monday, October 3, 2011

Suspicious activity has been detected on my account. How to solve the problem

At this very present moment many computers worldwide are being attacked with the scary message which actually says “Suspicious activity has been detected on your account”. The point is that this could be the truth. In fact, many viruses nowadays are attacking thousands of computers all over the world, even the ones with the powerful anti-virus protection. Sometimes they are able to find the leaks in the PC security protection system and thus they implant their malicious roots inside of the contaminated systems. In several cases viruses do perform malicious activities on your computer and you don't even realize that this takes place. Here are few examples of what exactly might happen in the case when such malware files penetrate into one’s computer:

When I reply on my e-mail Yahoo puts up a block that says there is suspicious activity on my account and to contact yahoo for assistance. I cannot send email because of "suspicious activity" on my account. Keying in the code to clear and send an email does not help. What's up?
I received a message that suspicious activity has been detected on my account and I can't send or receive any? It won't allow me to send email to yahoo members and blocks me when I try. The customer care tab I hit only goes to my profile page and allows me to edit login info. What/how do I find out what's up and what do I do about it?

In order to clean your computer of viruses we strongly recommend you to download the powerful anti-virus software. It is also good to scan your PC with Kaspersky TDSS Killer downloadable at this link. Try running the full version of GridinSoft Trojan Killer and get rid of all the threats residing inside of your system. You might also try to follow our manual removal guides for fake messages like Metropolitan Police fake warning and La Policia Espanola bogus notification. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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