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Saturday, October 1, 2011

OpenCloud AV virus. How to remove

The virus program called OpenCloud AV is designed specifically to steal money from users. Even though some users do purchase this malware at their own initiative, still this takes place due to the methods applied by Open Cloud AV in order to convince the users to do so. Open Cloud AV is the successor of OpenCloud Security and OpenCloud Antivirus. The most widespread technique used by rogue security applications to convince the users to make the purchase of a fake security program is by scaring, tricking and fooling them. This is the exact story when it comes to the description of such a virus we a talking about right now.

Well, this malware penetrates to the computer without user’s consent or approval. This very fact already gives us the grounds to assert that there is something wrong with it. On top of all that, you will not find OpenCloud AV applications in the list of Add/Remove programs, so it actually does not give users the option whether they want to keep it or not. Then, upon successful unauthorized installation onto the infected machine, OpenCloud AV malady starts its evil deeds. First of all, it would make sure it would be started automatically with every Windows startup. Then, as soon as the user turns the PC on, this virus would immediately arrange the series of fake system scans with further fake reports about all sorts of viruses, infections and threats supposedly identified inside of the machine during its bogus system scan. All these reports should not be trusted by you. If there is any virus inside of your system then surely this is OpenCloud AV itself. However, this rogue would try to convince you to make the purchase of it. It would tell you that it is some kind of superb and only solution for all your computer problems. Our advises to you are as follows. First of all, make sure and entirely disregard all the messages coming from OpenCloud AV. They are all untrue and unreal. Secondly, remove this virus immediately, without hesitation or loitering. Finally, keep you security settings permanently updated and do not let other malwares interfere into the common life of your machine. This is the story we wanted to share with you, so we hope it has been helpful and beneficial. By the way, below please find the good video tutorial explaining how to get rid of OpenCloud AV virus with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer, the program which is able to delete this virus effectively and completely. The example shows the removal of similar virus called Wolfram Antivirus.

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