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Friday, August 12, 2011

WolfRam AntiVirus removal. How to get rid of WolfRam AntiVirus fake security tool

WolfRam AntiVirus, beyond any doubt, sounds as some program that is meant to protect your computer against viruses and all kinds of computer threats. Indeed, its developers thought a lot how to invent the name which would sound persuasive and would convince users that there is something worth paying attention to this program. But the saddest fact is that this is just the outward impression. As you know, it is not always good to judge by outward features and nice-looking design. Hence, this principle is exactly about WolfRam AntiVirus program. Here are the words with which this program can be rightfully described: rogue, fake, malware, trojan and extremely dangerous computer infection. Don’t you agree with us? Well, then you’d better read the rest of the post in order to find out more about WolfRam AntiVirus program and to be persuaded that it is not what it claims of itself.

The virus program called WolfRam AntiVirus has nothing to do with rendering the anti-virus protection and keeping your PC free from malwares and other cyber malware infiltrations. It is not actually able to protect your system from threat aggression because WolfRam AntiVirus is the serious threat itself. Here are the extracts of the messages of users whose PCs got contaminated with this type of junkware:

I was on YouTube and this thing called “WolfRam AntiVirus” came up and started slowing down my computer. It looks like it is installed into my computer. It keeps spamming my computer so I’m guessing it’s a virus. I’ve been looking it up and I can’t find anything on this thing. What do I do to remove this program?
Hi, When I logged on this morning to my computer, on my desktop was WolfRam AntiVirus which I did not install. I keep getting pop-ups and it's making my computer really slow. I've run my anti-virus application and it's still there and still getting "security warnings." I am running Windows Vista Home Premium on an HP Pavillion a1700n. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Proceeding from the aforesaid, we can summarize the malware activities of WolfRam AntiVirus on the infected computer as follows:

  • Unauthorized startup with each Windows OS launching.
  • Slowing down the infected PC greatly.
  • Spamming user’s computer with bountiful but fake security messages about viruses, malwares and other infections which are all fictitious.
  • Possible browser redirects to other sites.
  • Possible blockage of launching the exe-files.
  • Continuous attempts to persuade user to purchase the full version of WolfRam AntiVirus for removal of fake infections.
  • Making your system vulnerable to further malware aggression and your security considerably compromised.

This list is not completed, of course. Malwares and viruses are extremely dangerous and can do many other hazardous things for your system to such an extent that you will not even recognize it some day. Therefore, the number-one thing to perform for you is to get rid of WolfRam AntiVirus scam immediately. Forget all the facts you found out from WolfRam AntiVirus. All of them are untrue. The infections it supposedly detected are similarly fake and unreal because WolfRam AntiVirus is probably the infection number one on your system. So, do not ever make any purchase of WolfRam AntiVirus or donation for those guys who developed it. Keep in mind that by purchasing WolfRam AntiVirus you are actually supporting the crooks and frauds for their further evil deeds on infecting thousands of PCs worldwide.

If you want to remove WolfRam AntiVirus we recommend you to go to Google and find the good and proven anti-virus tool which can cope with the removal assignment of WolfRam AntiVirus malware. On our part we can tell you that removal of WolfRam AntiVirus junkware is a feasible task for GridinSoft Trojan Killer, the powerful anti-malware scanner and virus eliminator. So, you are welcome to download GridinSoft Trojan Killer and run the scan to detect and remove the malicious files and registry entries of WolfRam AntiVirus trojan infection. For free trial activation codes of GridinSoft Trojan Killer you may contact their customer support team at the company web-site. Stay safe!

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