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Monday, August 8, 2011

Facebook virus (Enhanced Protection Mode). How to remove virus spreading via Facebook

Enhanced Protection Mode is the virus of which we have told you recently, haven’t we? Well, it has come to our attention recently that now this malware is being spread via Facebook social network in the form of fake YouTube page. First of all, we want to assure you that Facebook is the decent and reputable company headquartered in the US and that it has nothing to do with this type of virus. However, cyber crooks use Facebook as a ground for distributing their malware products in order to get the control over your PC.

This is how Facebook virus works. Suddenly the user faces the fake message through Facebook telling that he/she has been noticed in the really perverted and shameful experience. Then the user is offered to watch the video showing all the details of the above-mentioned experience, however, he/she would be told that the video codec is outdated and thus the offer would come up to supposedly update it. The truth of the matter is that by clicking such fake update links the user is actually downloading the Trojan worm which gets the control over the information flows on the infected computer. Thus, the PC and the whole information on it become vulnerable to cyber criminals. Be careful with such type of virus and be additionally careful while receiving such suspicious messages via Facebook. This is not the practice originated by Facebook developers but rather by those criminals and crooks who are abusing Facebook and use it for their evil deeds. In order to remove Facebook virus (Enhanced Protection Mode virus) please follow the removal guidelines stipulated below.

Enhanced Protection Mode virus automatic remover:

malware removal tool

Enhanced Protection Mode manual removal guide:

Delete Enhanced Protection Mode files:
  • %Users%\[UserName]\Downloads\OTS.exe
  • %Windows%\l1rezerv.exe
  • %Windows%\systemup.exe
  • %Windows%\sysdriver32.exe

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