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Monday, August 8, 2011

Windows Startup Repair virus. How to remove

Windows Startup Repair virus obviously brings no improvements at all when it comes to the contaminated workstation. It is the next representative of fake HDD defragmenters, the direct follower of System Repair, Windows Repair and other previously discussed malwares. No doubt, if your system has been attacked with Windows Startup Repair rogue this means that there is something really wrong with the anti-virus protection of your computer. It could be that you did not update it timely or that the anti-virus company does not have its own anti-virus databases updated yet. Another thing is that you need to pay more attention to the sites you visit, the links you click and the files you download though the Internet. Many of them are poisoned with malwares and are really destructive for your PC in their nature. Thus, be careful where exactly you surf over the Internet. Whatever the case might be, Windows Startup Repair is up and running on your computer. What do you do to get rid of Windows Startup Repair virus and its malicious files and registry entries?

It should be noted that, similar to its numerous predecessors, Windows Startup Repair virus upon successful installation makes amendments into your system so that it would be launched together with every Windows startup. Thus, as soon as you turn your PC on and it is successfully launched you would see Windows Startup Repair in front of you. However, you would not even recognize your PC, since Windows Startup Repair would change your desktop theme to just the black screen mode. Another thing is that it would hide your files, folders and icons located at the desktop and in other places. Moreover, you would not even see your programs in the Start menu and in the Program Files section. All the above-mentioned perversions are the results of Windows Startup Repair malicious work on your PC. However, Windows Startup Repair would tell you that it is the only right solution for fixing all such bugs and errors, asking you to defrag your PC with its help. But the thing is that Windows Startup Repair will not let you do it until you first purchase its so-called full version. At the same time, full or trial version of Windows Startup Repair do not make really any substantial difference, because Windows Startup Repair is the virus and is not able at all to fix your system or to make it function better. Thus, Windows Startup Repair is the cause of most of your PC problems, whereas it asks you to purchase it. You should not ever trust Windows Startup Repair and its fake promises. Do not be afraid of Windows Startup Repair virus. There is the solution for its effective removal. Go to the Internet and choose the reputable program for fixing and cleaning your PC after Windows Startup Repair malware persistency.

We recommend you to try our GridinSoft Trojan Killer for successful removal of Windows Startup Repair malady. It will help to clean your system from malicious files and registry entries of Windows Startup Repair virus. Additionally, Unhider, the free application from GridinSoft LLC, will help you to restore your missing files, folders, icons and programs after Windows Startup Repair virus attack. Please also find the good video tutorial provided below and aimed to teach you how to completely recover your system after Windows Startup Repair scam infiltration.

Windows Startup Repair removal:

malware removal tool

Restoring missing files and folders:

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