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Monday, August 15, 2011

File Repair (FileRepair) virus description and removal

File Repair virus (also referred to as FileRepair) is the immediate follower of Windows Repair, System Repair and other similar bogus system defragmenters. Without any hesitation, the majority of them have been unambiguously extremely severe in targeting and threatening plenty of PCs worldwide. We have been “bombarded” with e-mails from users in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, France and lots of other countries all over the world whose PCs got infected with the above-mentioned virus infections. Well, at this very moment, unfortunately, it seems that that File Repair virus (also known as FileRepair) is similarly going to be extremely severe and pushy in attacking many computers in the world, without taking any privacy or security setting of a user into consideration in order to have as many victims as it can. Why does File Repair perform all such bad acts? The answer is quite logical and clear - in order to reap earnings with unfair means. The section of this post below will instruct you how to eliminate File Repair malware without any considerable complications.

File Repair malady penetrates inside of the system due to certain leaks in the system security and other “holes” and vulnerabilities in the anti-virus protection system of your workstation. At the same time, its very process of intrusion can also occur when user is simply surfing the Internet, by occasional clicking of some unsecure links that might contain the infection files, or due to intentional download of some files from non-reputable web resources, which, similarly, could contain the threat codes or installation files of this rogueware. Whatever the situation might be, you may draw the following conclusions of the above-mentioned malware penetration. First one is that you should have certain powerful and reliable anti-virus installed on your PC which would create the decent shield against all possible threat infiltrations. Second conclusion we draw up is that you should be careful with what web pages you visit and what tools and apps you decide to download. File Repair virus, in order to be infiltrated inside of the computer, does not take your opinion into regard. Hence, it installs itself without your knowledge or approval of such deeds. Immediately upon successful penetration File Repair virus would let you know about its presence. It would initiate plenty of bogus system scans that would report all kinds of system errors and other issues with your PC. These bogus scans would be accompanied by many popup ads which are indeed very annoying for many users. Still, this is just the beginning of all malicious deeds which File Repair virus initiates on your workstation. File Repair virus would make most of your files and folders hidden, and you would indeed not even recognize your computer. In addition, File Repair virus would modify the desktop theme of your choice, so you would see simply the black screen in front of your eyes. With this enormous number of errors reported by File Repair malady (even though they are all bogus) many users become really frustrated. They start believing that their PC is really in danger and that it should be fixed. This is when File Repair virus suggests itself to you as a supposed remedy for fixing all bugs with your system. However, it would first ask you to pay for its so-called registered version, otherwise File Repair does not guarantee that the issues and bugs will be fixed. We want to warn you in advance not to be tricked in such a way. File Repair virus is not capable of fixing the real errors and problems with your machine. The problems it states are all fictitious and fabricated. As for the hidden files and folders - this is the job of File Repair virus. Do not ever purchase File Repair. No matter what version you have of this application - full or trial one - File Repair is a threat that must not be kept by you permanently. Thus, you need to get rid of File Repair trojan as soon as you can.

We have elaborated the removal video guide on how to delete File Repair scam. For automatic elimination of File Repair virus download GridinSoft Trojan Killer and run it. The removal process of similar virus (Windows Repair) is shown at the video provided below. You may uninstall File Repair scam in the same manner as shown in the video tutorial submitted below.

malware removal tool

File Repair virus automatic removal:

Restoring your files and folders after File Repair virus attack:

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