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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Virus AV Guard Online. How to remove

AV Guard Online, also known as AVGuardOnline, seems to be a tool many people tend to trust, but that’s a huge errors you should avoid. Among the viruses that are so greatly widespread over the Internet at this very present time, this one occupies its own room within the category of fake and rogue security applications. Yes, AV Guard Online is a bogus one because it deliberately twists your cyber reality in order to achieve some purely commercial purposes.

This rogue presents an incredible number of various types of ads while running on your workstation. It shows fake scanners, triggers bogus popup alerts and prevents other important executables from launching. By means of creating this horrible realm the rogue wants to show you that you have serious problems, a lot of them. For example, it lists many infections in its fake scan reports, which is definitely supposed to scare some of you. However, it’s senseless falling for those as they are just some mythical threats that never were on your computer and therefore cannot possibly harm it in any possible way. The annoying aspect of this virus is not a standalone and dominating one here. It’s purely an instrument for attaining more tangible goals to quench the fraudulent interests of its developers. AV Guard Online never fails to use the intimidation we mentioned above to convince its preys to commit one single deed – to effect the payment for the licensed or so-called full version of it.

Still hoping that AV Guard Online would delete viruses after the payment is actually effected? Not at all, because there’s basically nothing to get rid of. We mean the so-called ‘threats’ that had been reported are just nonsense files that are either not on your system at all or do not present any risk. Having now understood the true objectives and the cruelest of intentions of AV Guard Online fake security program, treat it as a real virus worth immediate removal.

AV Guard Online automatic remover:

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