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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

AV Security 2012 virus – new malware of today

AV Security 2012 is a fake anti-spyware program claiming to be some excellent virus removal tool. However, these self-appraisals on its part do not have any grounds for you to trust these ridiculous claims. The reality is that AV Security 2012 stands for the rogue security program not able to render real scan of your system for hidden malwares, to identify contemporary threats or to remove them. The hoax you are facing in front of your desktop is a total scam application developed to scare users into thinking that their computer is infected with many infections claimed to be detected by this Trojan horse. Then, on this basis, the developers of the rogue intend to persuade user into believing that the program they developed is the only solution to have all those fake threats eliminated. So they prompt users to activate the full version of their scareware, but once users do it the offer comes up to buy the full commercial version of this program. What a sad day it really is when someone actually effects the payment for this malware.

The truth of the matter is that AV Security 2012 malware is not able to help you in identifying real threats for your security. Do not trust its name. Indeed, the name these rogue software developers selected is a good choice on their part, but the tragedy is that this name is not supported by the actions of their bogus anti-virus tool. When real threats infiltrate your computer this program would not protect your PC from them. Neither will it identify nor delete them.

If you have already effected the payment for AV Security 2012 rogue security program then immediately dispute the charges through your bank or another payment processing company through which you actually paid for this program. Finally, take all the necessary measures to have AV Security 2012 scam removed from your computer. Ignore all its fake security notifications and popups and delete it from your computer as shown in the video tutorial below (on the example of System Security 2012 virus). We will publish the exact video lesson for elimination of this hoax soon, so stay with us and make sure to get in touch if you experience any difficulties removing it.

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