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Friday, November 11, 2011

Dwme.exe virus process of AV Security 2012 scam

Dwme.exe is one of the key malware processes of AV Security 2012 rogue security application. When this hoax is successfully installed onto attacked computer its dwme.exe process would actually take the leading part in the entire performance on the contaminated PC. The most typical location of this executable for Windows XP operating system is C:\Documents and Settings\[current user]\Local Settings\Temp\dwme.exe The peculiarity and the most ridiculous fact about AV Security 2012 fake anti-spyware tool is that it detects this dwme.exe process as the virus as clear from the screenshot. So, the rogue security program detects itself as a virus. What a piece of truth, the only one truth probably asserted by this malware application. There is no doubt that AV Security 2012 is not capable of successfully identifying and removing real threats, since it personally states of itself as a virus based on the above-mentioned information. In order to terminate and remove dwme.exe process and other virus files of AV Security 2012 virus please follow the exact video guide we have submitted in the section below.

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