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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Privacy.exe – virus process of Privacy Protection scam

Privacy.exe is the core (main) process of the rogue security program bearing the name of Privacy Protection. This is quite a new fake anti-virus tool which is indeed very persistent in attacking so many computers all over the world over the latest period of time. Removing Privacy Protection fake anti-malware tool is not that easy as it might seem to be at the first glance. Well, it is easy but you should know one trick how exactly to do it. The point is that this virus blocks running of any executable, including the anti-viruses already installed onto your system. It will let you download some particular anti-malware tool to your computer but will not let you actually run it. However, there is a key to bypassing this blockage. If you are able to successfully terminate the main process of PrivacyProtection rogue tool then you will succeed in deleting it with the help of certain anti-virus scanner and rogue killer (like GridinSoft Trojan Killer, for example). So, below please find how exactly you may terminate the core process of this virus and then subsequently get rid of it with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

Privacy Protection removal milestones:

  • Click “Start” and select “Run”. In the respective field insert the word combination “taskkill.exe /F /IM privacy.exe” (without quotation marks). Click “OK”. Repeat the process the necessary number of times until privacy.exe (the main process of Privacy Protection) is successfully terminated.
  • Download, install and run GridinSoft Trojan Killer.
  • Remove all detected items and reboot your PC. Repeat the scan in the case of necessity.

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Calvin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Calvin said...

I found a very easy way to do this, on Windows 7.

1. Turn off your computer, run in safe mode.

2. Logon, as normal browse to C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming

3. Find the "privacy.exe" file.


5. Hold down shift and press the delete key. This will permanently delete this file.

6. Restart your computer.


WARNING: If you got this from browsing the internet, be aware, when you open your browser, if your browser has recovered the lost tabs, you MUST CLOSE OUT VERY QUICKLY, then you may re-open your browser, and continue as normal.

Thank you, and consider yourself virus free!

MaruishiEmperor said...

I followed Calvin's instructions to the letter and it worked. Fantastic. Thanks Calvin.

cmac1973 said...

I found it here:C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming, moved it to my desktop, restarted my PC then deleted it before it could open up.

Delese said...

Awesome Calvin thanks for the help

Walter I hurtado said...

What am I doing wrong? I deleted privacy.exe @ 4 times and still I cannot get into the web using neither Firefox or Explorer? Any ideas, please?

smeech said...

SuperAntiSpyware found it and removed it. Malwarebytes didn't even find it.

Andrew McPherson said...

I will not speak badly against Malwarebytes... (even though this is our competitor). BUT! My dear visitors, please be aware of the fact that those people who promote Malwarebytes (via their affiliates, etc.) are doing all they can to ban my blog (even this post). I have posted many good answers on free removal of Privacy Protection virus at Yahoo. Answers. Can you imagine that they reported by answers as violating Yahoo Community Guidelines? All my answers on free removal of viruses were removed by Yahoo because of those unfair guys who spread MBAM. This is the way they want to get rid of competitors and use many unfair ways to do it. This is the sad reality in the anti-virus world today.But, nevertheless, I will keep posting many good video lessons on free removal of malwares.

Brandi said...

I am running on Windows XP SP3.... I tried following Cal's instructions but I do not have a Roaming folder. I searched through all of the folders within the AppData but found nothing referring to privacy.exe. Help!!

Brandi said...

I even tried searching for the file name trojankiller... and found nothing. I can't find this darned thing to get rid of it!!Please help :( I have school work to do.

Anonymous said...

I too did not find privacy.exe in AppData. It was instead in C:\Program Data. Reboot in Safe Mode (i.e., repeatedly press F8 while booting, and select Safe Mode with Networking to continue booting). Delete privacy.exe from C:\Program Data.

Also, select Run from the Start Menu, enter regedit and run. Browse to HKEY CURRENT USER\Software\{random}, where "{random}" will be a random string near the top of the tree within HKCU. Delete this key - it will have all sorts of weird words in it, like "Q'uni."

Next, go to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run. Delete Privacy Protection from ..\Run. Before you do, click on Privacy Protection to find out where it is located on your HD (that's how I found out that it was in C:\Program Data).

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