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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

USPS fake emails now spread System Fix virus

Be careful with fake US Postal Service e-mails. They are actually now engaged in spreading the majority of the latest viruses and malware threats, in particular, they may bring System Fix virus into your PC, the last example of fake HDD defragmenters. Make sure to check how exactly the e-mail you received looks like. Check the address from which this email was sent. Most probably it would be quite obvious that it is totally fabricated and not originated by US Postal Service company at all. This bogus e-mail would come bundled with the attachment in the form of certain archive. The e-mail would tell you that the postman came to your door while you were not at home. It would tell you that in order to get the alleged parcel you need to go to your local post office and tell them certain number contained in the attachment (post label number). Once you open the attachment the virus would get installed onto your machine, making the total mess and disorder inside of it. So, beware of such misleading United States Postal Service e-mails. Check the originator of the e-mail first. Make sure that it is safe and clean. Contact your local post office by phone and verify the information before you first even read such e-mails. Do not open such threatening archived attachments. If your computer has been infected with System Fix virus please follow the removal guide provided below.

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