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Thursday, November 17, 2011

AV Protection 2011 virus description and removal guide

AV Protection 2011 virus belong to the category of rogue security applications. It comes directly after AV Security 2012 scam. This means that it claims of itself to be some excellent virus removal tools, but the reality proves that all its statements are fictitious and are not grounded on the common sense. The simple research and investigation of this malware tool would bring us to the only right conclusion that the program we are talking about is the total waste of money for those who decide to purchase it. Regretfully, this is what this program is intended for – to convince users to pay for its bogus full version or the activation code. The truth of the issue is that indicating the license code for this type of malware would not help you even to remove it. The rogue tool may be activated by means of providing and indicating its serial number, however, the very fact of activating its so-called full version would not terminate the series of its evil deeds and malicious activities inside of your system. Soon it would bring its other malware colleagues, thus making the use of PC by you into total turmoil, mess and disorder. Summarizing the aforesaid, AV Protection 2011 is not the application worth your trust, so do not invest any penny into it.

When this hoax security tool makes its dwelling inside of your computer it would tune it up in such a way that it would be launched automatically with every Windows startup. What an example of total disregard for your own preferences. By the way, this tool gets installed onto your machine without your consent or approval, so it is obvious that there is something really wrong in it. Normally, when certain security program is developed and promoted, it would ask for your permission whether to be installed onto your computer or not. This one, bearing the name of AV Protection 2011, is the example of total opposite behavior which has no respect towards your opinion. As we said, it would then, upon successful infiltration and installation, present plenty of fictitious and fabricated security warnings, popups and notifications in order to scare you into thinking that your computer is seriously infected with lots of alleged malwares supposedly identified by it during its bogus scan. Do not trust any of them. Ignore this rogue just as it ignores your opinion whether you want to see it in front of your screen or not. Do not tolerate any of its messages, they are all untrue and the piece of lies having nothing to do with the real status of your PC. Finally, avoid making any payment for this rogue security product. If you’ve read the section above carefully you would never make the decision to buy this malware tool. Make sure to delete this Trojan horse from your computer at once. Below please find the excellent video tutorial on how to do it with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

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