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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Security Monitor 2012 virus analysis and removal

Security Monitor 2012 virus is the successor of another rogue program bearing the name of AntiVirus AntiSpyware 2011 (previously discussed by us in this blog). It imitates the traits of some decent anti-malware tool, however, in its deepest essence it is the typical hoax application planning to attack your PC and to make you one of its victims. The story we’re going to narrate in this post is meant to help you remove Security Monitor 2012 quickly and effectively. You should understand clearly that the malware we’re talking about right now is the fake anti-virus device not able to identify, detect or remove real security threats. Thus, it is totally useless when it comes to elimination of real viruses and PC infections.

When Security Monitor 2012 rogue security is successfully brought into your computer it first modifies your system in such a way that the fake AV would be launched together with every Windows startup. What a terrible disregard to your preferences, isn’t it? However, this is just the beginning of its virus aggression. It would initiate the fictitious system scan of your computer in order to scare you with hundreds of viruses allegedly identified by it during its fictitious scan. The aim of the rogue is to make you trust its scary reports and then, on this basis, to convince you that Security Monitor 2012 program is allegedly the only right solution for you to choose to have all those malwares dealt with. But the hoax would not let you do it unless you first purchase its so-called full or commercial version). Thus, the tragedy does take place when certain people in fact purchase this malady, thinking that it will help them erase all those pests inside of their computers. The reality is that Security Monitor 2012 is the virus and fake security program. It doesn’t intend to actually assist you in virus removal. Even if you purchase its full or registered version and receive its activation code, serial or license key (whatever name it has) this would not relieve your PC from actual malwares and threats. The infection number one, that is Security Monitor 2012, is still inside of your computer. Below please find several other screenshots of this program. Needless to say, the information contained in them should not be treated by you as serious.

Fake system critical warning:

System Critical warning! You have been infected by a proxy-relay Trojan server with new and danger ‘SpamBots’, You have a computer with virus that sends spam. This is a mass-mailing worm with backdoor thus allowing un-authorized access to the infected system. It spreads by mass-mailing itself to e-mail addresses harvested from the local computer or by querying on-line search engines such as The IP address that YOU are getting from Internet Service Provider (ISP) for YOU personal computer is on the same major blacklist. Your computer has been used to send a huge amount of junk e-mail messages during the last days. You IP will be marked by Police log file as mass-mailing spam assist. Upgrading to the full version Security Monitor 2012 it will eliminate the majority of Spam attempts. Click here to get license key now.

Fake virus detection report:

The malware imitates some legit AV telling you to update it. However, both outdated and updated versions of this hoax are equally useless for threat removal:

Fake unauthorized remote connection warning:

Other examples of scary information about the state of your computer and accusations of you sending spam:

Security Monitor 2012
Warning! Your computer in danger. Your computer is safe while you are using Security Monitor 2012 – your online guard. Do you want to leave unwanted software or viruses on your PC?
Microsoft Windows
You should get a license for your antivirus software. Click here to get it instantly.
Your computer is being used as a spamming machine. You can get sued for spam. Your computer WILL BE DISCONNECTED FROM INTERNET BECAUSE SPAMMING OTHER PCs.

Fake payment offers and payment processing pages to be avoided:

After all such thorough analysis of this malware we come to the only right conclusion – the removal of Security Monitor 2012 hoax is a must-do thing for desperate PC user whose computer has been attacked with this hoax. Please do not effect the payment for this malware. Ignore anything it tells you and watch carefully how to eliminate this rogue security application quickly and effectively.

Security Monitor 2012 automatic removal:

malware removal tool

Removal video guide:

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