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Friday, December 9, 2011

System Fix virus and its wide mix of tricks

System Fix malware speaks:
“Your PC is slow and squeaks” -
Do not trust its cunning tricks,
Bogus promises and freaks!

If your computer has this way or another been infected with System Fix virus you must understand that it is not what it claims of itself. It would state that your computer is overwhelmed with the bunch of errors and system failures, hard drive, disk and memory malfunctions. There is quite a long list of fake statements originated by the scareware bearing such a proud name. However, the reality is that the problems claimed to be identified by the malware do not exist in fact. They are simply invented for the only purpose – to make you think that your computer and system is in danger. System Fix virus, in fact, is the author of many problems which are indeed available with your computer. In particular, these errors have to do with missing or hidden files, icons, shortcuts, entire desktop and the list of programs in the Start menu. As we’ve already told you, the data on your computer is not deleted. It is simply hidden or relocated to other folders which are not visible to you and thus cannot be accessed. These problems are entirely caused by this fake HDD program. But the most outrageous fact is that System Fix program would then offer you to purchase it to have all those issued repaired (if you, however, effect the payment for its so-called full version). This is one of the key tricks of this badware device.

Beware! System Fix now spreads actively via fake USPS e-mails with attachments like and post_label.exe. Please do not open them, otherwise there is a high probability of your PC being contaminated with this scary yet fake integrity checker. Ignore all its fictitious messages like Files Indexation Process Failed or Windows – Delayed Write Failed. Finally, avoid purchasing this hoax. To remove the malware please follow the section in the bottom of this article. Get rid of the virus and restore your important data back to the previous condition. Believe us, you may do it if you carefully obey all our virus removal and system restore instructions.

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