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Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to uninstall Security Scanner virus effectively

Security Scanner scam continues the traditions of Security Shield virus while infecting computers all over the world. These two programs are typically the same, even though their GUIs differ. Nevertheless, if you see this rogue application in front of your computer you’ve got to understand that you are dealing with the malware that has no understanding of real security matters. Typically for all malware representatives, SecurityScanner masks itself with the outward clothing of some reliable anti-malware gadget and tells you to keep it. Still, it will try to persuade you from time to time to effect the payment for its licensed version. Trial or licensed variant do not make any difference, by the way. No matter what hypostasis this badware possesses with, its self-appraisal to delete malwares is surely overestimated. Thus, in times when real security threats do attack your privacy, this malware would not be at hand to protect you.

In addition to the above-mentioned, Security Scanner fake ant-spyware would keep reminding you about various infections, threats and viruses supposedly found by it during the fabricated system scan. Such imitation of a real scanning process would take place each time user turns the PC on. The information you get from this rogue must not be treated by you as serious. For this reason you’ve got to find the reliable anti-virus solution that can handle the removal job. Thus, get yourself prepared to win the fight with Security Scanner enemy. Download and install this anti-virus program that will help you get rid of this scam (its licensed version will complete the removal job).

Security Scanner automatic remover:

malware removal tool

Video instructions to remove Security Scanner rogue:

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